How do I know if I'm allergic to food?

How do I know if I'm allergic to food? Occasionally, allergic reactions brought on by different food allergens that are frequently included in the formulation of drugs can be wrongly identified as drug allergies. Such effects may come as a surprise, especially if antihistamines, which are almost exclusively used to treat allergy symptoms, are duplicated. True medication allergies are extremely uncommon and are immune system-based. An allergic reaction is an unusual immune system response to a typically benign chemical. An exaggerated rash or irritated skin (hives) the lips, face, and eyes swelling (angioedema) breathing noises, wheezing, dyspnea, or a hoarse voice. Sneezing, itchy, runny, or congested nose, etc. During peak pollen seasons in the spring, summer, or fall, allergy symptoms may last up to six weeks. In general, allergy symptoms continue as long as you are exposed to the allergen. Rarely do colds and flu stay longer than two weeks. Some of the symptoms of an allergic re